Tag: Revenge

Breaking Love In “Breaking Bad”

“Breaking Bad” has been one of the most violent shows on television in its five year run. We see countless people, including some children, shot, run over by cars and blown to pieces. But one of the show’s most important themes is that though drugs, guns, bombs and irresponsible driving kill, there is no weapon […] 

Beware The Buzz

The summer is filled with buzzing—weed-whackers, motorized toys, motorcycles in the distance…and insects. Most of the insects are nothing more than an annoyance; these are the house flys, the beetles bumping endlessly against the screen, the cicadas in the trees. Then you have the more sinister insects, the ones that bite and sting and burrow […] 

Thoughts On Django

Blood erupts from bludgeoned bodies like the murky water of a pond disturbed by tossed stones. It coats the virgin white flowers of a spring meadow when a man on horseback is shot. It is smeared, by a sleezy Leonardo DiCaprio across Kerry Washington’s beautiful and terrified face. One loses track of the body count […]