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Reality or Insanity?

Illness can be described as an abnormal functioning of the body due either to infection or some other failure in the system of organs and processes. Naturally, we associate illness as unpleasant, as it is usually accompanied by physical suffering, restriction from normal activity and death. It’s the suffering—or, more specifically, how to get rid […] 

Feel Anything

The Biggest Lie – Elliot Smith The subway platform was like a mausoleum. Heloise was dead, killed suddenly, without reason, in an accident. He was alone. He would love no one else. Barnett searched for a friendly face but only the dim, yellow light would speak to him. If the train never came, he would […] 

Tooth Decay and “Purple Rose of Cairo”

         Inside the old theater, austere and immense, a haze of tobacco creates an aura of the surreal. Mia Farrow fidgets in her seat, along with the other patrons, waiting for the picture to begin as if it is the only thing that matters in the world. Already, they are completely engrossed by what they […]