Ode To #36

O, Brown and Payton, Smith and Sanders,

Jurgenson, White and great Van Buren:

Inside our stately coliseums,

The trumpets sound for you.

From the triumvirate of a three headed monster,

A local boy from fair Villanova.

Forty-one records he set for his school,

But to the third round he dropped; it was only D-2.

In Philly the sun had risen by 2003,

High-power offense and punishing D

Constructed by Johnson and big Andy Reid;

But Don needed help and Duce had grown old,

And to count on Buckhalter seemed risky and bold.

We trailed New York by a score one rainy November,

And you delivered a punt return we’ll always remember.

The game was won and the stage was set,

To go deep in the playoffs against every bet.

It was always the big games when you scored the most,

So many big wins we now have to boast.

Fifteen hundred from scrimmage now that the backfield was yours,

And we steamrolled the conference, slamming their doors.

You’d go down with a  bum foot the year after that,

And without you, Brian, our team came out flat,

But you rehabbed and trained and came right back to form,

More hundred-yards games and you’d just gotten warm.

Thirteen hundred rushing by 07’s end,

All-Pro, Pro-Bowl—not a terrible mend.

These days the handoffs and screens are McCoy’s

But most yards ever from scrimmage belongs to our boy.

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