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Breaking Love In “Breaking Bad”

“Breaking Bad” has been one of the most violent shows on television in its five year run. We see countless people, including some children, shot, run over by cars and blown to pieces. But one of the show’s most important themes is that though drugs, guns, bombs and irresponsible driving kill, there is no weapon […] 

Love Lockdown

“Orange Is The New Black” is Netflix’s fifth, and best attempt at original programming, (“House of Cards,” and “Arrested Development” were reboots). The show exercises a restraint that Jenji Kohan’s “Weeds” often did not, flirting with kitsch without veering headlong down its awkward path. OITNB’s story lines are emotionally steeped, sympathetic and sentimental in the […] 

King of Distraction

The NBA Finals have ended following a seven-game seesaw that saw the Miami Heat come out on top and Lebron James add a few support beams to his legacy. In the dramatic final two games we saw the full-range of the game’s most iconic figure. He struggled, he pouted, he pressed. He was uncharacteristically bad […] 

Doors, Death and Betrayal

Thoughts on the first three episodes of Mad Men season 6 It takes a shoeshine kit to finally bring Roger Sterling to tears. This after his mother’s funeral which is punctuated by the presence of an ex-wife’s new husband, Don’s drunken vomiting and a big ask from his daughter—a loan for a business venture. The […] 

Win From Within

In a recent Gatorade commercialKevin Durant is taking the ball down the court against the Miami Heat. He penetrates the defense, drives hard in paint, goes up for the slam and is met mid-flight by Dwayne Wade; just as Durantula is about to jam it home, Wade reaches up and blocks it. Cut to Durant, […]