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Confession of an NFL Puppetmaster

My brother and I usually watch NFL games, especially the Philadelphia Eagles together, but this Sunday as the Eagles take on the Denver Broncos, I’ll be watching alone. Three games into the season, the Broncos, led by decorated quarterback and commercial darling, Peyton Manning, are the best team in the league and are roundly expected […] 

King of Distraction

The NBA Finals have ended following a seven-game seesaw that saw the Miami Heat come out on top and Lebron James add a few support beams to his legacy. In the dramatic final two games we saw the full-range of the game’s most iconic figure. He struggled, he pouted, he pressed. He was uncharacteristically bad […] 

Persistence Of The American Pastime

Tonight, feeling in the spirit of spring and at a loss for something to watch over dinner I decided to revisit the Ken Burns’s Baseball. I evaluated my mood and chose my favorite “inning,” the one covering the 1960s.In a world of upheaval, the game finds itself evolving quickly, transforming in a few short years […] 

Win From Within

In a recent Gatorade commercialKevin Durant is taking the ball down the court against the Miami Heat. He penetrates the defense, drives hard in paint, goes up for the slam and is met mid-flight by Dwayne Wade; just as Durantula is about to jam it home, Wade reaches up and blocks it. Cut to Durant, […] 


When Giants come to play these nights It could be that the air is light or thin. Dawkins on all fours through the tunnel lights Showed new Eagles the time was now to win. Worries were strong of mistakes we survived; The debt of turnovers came due last week. We wondered if our offense was […] 

The Season You Save May Be Your Own

I. Prologue Without a loss after two ugly games In which our boys did not deserve to win Because of turnovers and other sin, Heroics brought us victory the same. Fourth quarter magic seemed to be the rule After first halves of heartbreak and of pain, Face-down on grass our quarterback seemed slain; After each […] 

Battle Of Birds

Poor referees and player sin; Drew fan disdain and coach’s stare And though it all we got the win. Downfield we marched with ease of wind, Celek, Desean both had their share. Poor referees and player sin, Holding, dropped balls, and shots to chin Replacement refs, no teeth to bear And through it all we […] 

A Bedraggled Debut

In your very first game, there may be some frustration When you find yourself trapped beneath the American flag by mistake. Brandon, where do you turn for blessed relief When your debut is 11-35 with four interceptions? And though your defense provides four picks of its own for recovery, The game slips away and our […] 

Ode To #36

O, Brown and Payton, Smith and Sanders, Jurgenson, White and great Van Buren: Inside our stately coliseums, The trumpets sound for you. From the triumvirate of a three headed monster, A local boy from fair Villanova. Forty-one records he set for his school, But to the third round he dropped; it was only D-2. In […]