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We’re Going to Turn Ourselves Into Cyborgs

A recent post by Sarah Knapton of the Telegraph examines the prediction by Yuval Noah Harari that in 200 years human beings will achieve immortality and the ability to self-improve by mechanical enhancement. Essentially, people will become real-life (pardon the irony) cyborgs. The future is really a construct of the present. It’s limited by current […] 

The Terror of Professional Networking

Networking–attending happy hours, scheduling informational interviews, nurturing lines of communication with contacts–is the road to future success. At least with my resume, blindly responding to job postings is not likely to lead anywhere. So I schedule meetings. I do so from my desk at home, in my pajamas. It’s worry free, perfunctory and as easy […] 

Progressive Futility

Their world is a counter-culture paradise or organic food and yoga. Relationships are supplanted by organized orgies. Death is an occasion to organize blame. Explosions happen all the time and seem to be creeping closer and closer. We’re told a war is on, but it’s hard to identify the enemy. Della, who narrates the reader […] 

Dreams of the Master

The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman had to be complex person to summon so many great characters. What a lot of people don’t know is that the actor, miles from the stereotype of spoiled movie star, was also a wise purveyor of great advice—at least in my imagination. What still fewer know is that he continues […] 

Return To Form

The Christmas cookies have been reduced to stale bits and crumbs. The time has passed where I eye the hardened remains, weighing the pros and cons. Yes they will be rock hard, but that’s nothing a little 2% can’t handle. Sugar never goes bad and that’s what it’s all about anyway. A delivery system. Neurotransmitters. […] 

The Strange Poetry of Bitstrips

I’m hardly familiar with the entire history of interactive trends, but Bitstrips seems entirely original in a way I’ve not yet seen in the five years of critical voyeurism Facebook has afforded me. Though I rarely contribute pieces of my life to my Friends or the Public or Like anything, I approach the the news […] 


It can be difficult feeding a snake. Especially when the scent of a rodent lingers on your fingertips. Serpents don’t know your finger isn’t a mouse.  

Love At The Bank

This afternoon I stopped, during work, at a bank in Hanover to deposit last week’s paycheck. I stood at the counter, calculating how the deposit would affect both my checking and savings and trying to fill out the deposit slips accordingly. I was uncomfortable since this wasn’t my regular branch; I thought of an argument […] 

Toss This On The Pile

Do I have anything to say? Does anyone? The internet is full of lots of people who say lots of things about lots of different subjects, but what motivates them? I feel as though people are motivated only by a desire to be heard. It’s selfish, not benevolent or idealistic. The proliferation of opinions serves […]