Category: The Mundane

Beware The Buzz

The summer is filled with buzzing—weed-whackers, motorized toys, motorcycles in the distance…and insects. Most of the insects are nothing more than an annoyance; these are the house flys, the beetles bumping endlessly against the screen, the cicadas in the trees. Then you have the more sinister insects, the ones that bite and sting and burrow […] 

Irresponsible Family Planning


Buy Bud

Possibilities 1. This is a farewell message  meant to indicate a speedy takeoff since the driver’s vehicle is about to leave yours in the dust. Of course, this seems unlikely since the vehicle is an ordinary Ford Explorer. Maybe, with the economic downturn the driver, like all of us, was forced to make cuts and […] 

Dancin’ Gene And The Drill

On Gene Kelly’s 100th birthday, I found myself seated in the dentist’s chair, overwhelmed by that robust anxiety that cannot be ignored, suppressed or rationalized— it is that feeling beyond fear and apprehension: the anticipation, the expectation of pain. Sure, this is the twenty-first century and dental technology has come so far as to make […] 

Tooth Decay and “Purple Rose of Cairo”

         Inside the old theater, austere and immense, a haze of tobacco creates an aura of the surreal. Mia Farrow fidgets in her seat, along with the other patrons, waiting for the picture to begin as if it is the only thing that matters in the world. Already, they are completely engrossed by what they […] 


It can be difficult feeding a snake. Especially when the scent of a rodent lingers on your fingertips. Serpents don’t know your finger isn’t a mouse.  

Love At The Bank

This afternoon I stopped, during work, at a bank in Hanover to deposit last week’s paycheck. I stood at the counter, calculating how the deposit would affect both my checking and savings and trying to fill out the deposit slips accordingly. I was uncomfortable since this wasn’t my regular branch; I thought of an argument […] 

Toss This On The Pile

Do I have anything to say? Does anyone? The internet is full of lots of people who say lots of things about lots of different subjects, but what motivates them? I feel as though people are motivated only by a desire to be heard. It’s selfish, not benevolent or idealistic. The proliferation of opinions serves […]