Buy Bud


1. This is a farewell message  meant to indicate a speedy takeoff since the driver’s vehicle is about to leave yours in the dust. Of course, this seems unlikely since the vehicle is an ordinary Ford Explorer. Maybe, with the economic downturn the driver, like all of us, was forced to make cuts and simply kept the license plate from his Ferrari after he traded it in for the Explorer.

2. When the driver leaves you, which he inevitably will because he’s a ramblin’ man and/or rollin’ stone, you will see the plate and you’ll know its message means he’s never coming back, but that you’ll always be his friend and sometimes lover. Only, he’s not the only ramblin’ man, in fact he’s not even the first ramblin’ man so he had to use an alternate and unfortunately vague spelling for his farewell.

3. The driver invented a product called “Bud,” intended for lonely people.  Bud is a robot that can be programmed to be your best bud. Everyone needs a friend. The driver, of course, would like you to buy either a) the robot itself or b) the patent rights.

4. The driver is a marijuana dealer. This plate is basic advertising and effective, but not a good way to avoid The Man.

5. The driver is a marijuana advocate and/or consumer. He feels that one good toke can heal the world’s wounds. The plate is not meant as a form of self-identification, but as an appeal to the masses.

6. Repeat possibilities four(4) and five (5), replacing “marijuana” with, like, flowers or whatever.

7. The driver is a patriot and therefore an advocate for responsible, honest commerce. He happens to be a marijuana (flower) user, but what really matters is that when you want some, let’s say bud for instance, you get it by exchanging hard-earned currency for the goods, not by stealing from hardworking folks either literally or in the form of  Universal Bud Care, which are basically the same thing.

8. The driver is a misanthrope. The plate is an axiom meant to suggest that if you want a real friend, then like anything worth having in this world,  you have to pay for it.

9. The driver believes so wholeheartedly in capitalism that he sees it as the only reliable institution left. Therefore, Possibility Eight (8).

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