Author: robthebank

We’re Going to Turn Ourselves Into Cyborgs

A recent post by Sarah Knapton of the Telegraph examines the prediction by Yuval Noah Harari that in 200 years human beings will achieve immortality and the ability to self-improve by mechanical enhancement. Essentially, people will become real-life (pardon the irony) cyborgs. The future is really a construct of the present. It’s limited by current […] 

The Terror of Professional Networking

Networking–attending happy hours, scheduling informational interviews, nurturing lines of communication with contacts–is the road to future success. At least with my resume, blindly responding to job postings is not likely to lead anywhere. So I schedule meetings. I do so from my desk at home, in my pajamas. It’s worry free, perfunctory and as easy […] 


I am a the seeker of employment. That is the best gloss I can spread across my situation and yet it still sounds like the title of a very bad movie with very lofty aspirations. Here in Washington, DC, one’s profession is not merely a description of who you are but an identity in itself. […] 

No One Cares About Your Fake Life

Social Media may link you to friends you don’t have the energy or willingness to contact organically but it seems more a liability than helpful tool. Consider for a moment your simultaneous hatred and obsession with your gym-going, foodie-adventurer, somebody-save-me, right-wing nut, baby exploiting friends. You complain, you lash out–but you cannot look away and […] 

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Made The Best Commercial of All Time in 2010

Back in 2010, before his "Birdman" won Best Picture and Best Director, Alejandro González Iñárritu directed a long advertisement that I consider the single most extravagant and wonderful commercial ever made for Nike's "Write the Future" campaign. It was produced to air (in abbreviated form) during that year's World Cup and featured soccer stars in […] 

Reality or Insanity?

Illness can be described as an abnormal functioning of the body due either to infection or some other failure in the system of organs and processes. Naturally, we associate illness as unpleasant, as it is usually accompanied by physical suffering, restriction from normal activity and death. It’s the suffering—or, more specifically, how to get rid […] 

Books or Brown Bags?

Chipotle has a tendency to make headlines for more than just its burritos, which, full disclosure, along with being born, hitting my first home run and achieving puberty, are the best thing that ever happened to me. Eat guilt free, they say. The ingredients are fresh, never frozen. The beef is grass-fed, the chicken is […] 

Mr. Misery

Go on YouTube and pick an Elliot Smith video at random—a live performance, interview—and it’s clear that that he was painfully uncomfortable in front of cameras and interviewees, but front of a crowd, armed with only an acoustic guitar, he transformed into someone infinitely more comfortable and unimpeachably cool. As a novice guitar player, it’s […] 

Shaking History

Sometimes a novel can have a therapeutic quality. The reader gets to travel to distant time and place spending a few hours on the sunny heaths of pastoral England, or hurtling through outer space for human race-saving heroics. There’s value in escape. Summoning the imagination allows you to take a timeout from the difficulty of […] 

Progressive Futility

Their world is a counter-culture paradise or organic food and yoga. Relationships are supplanted by organized orgies. Death is an occasion to organize blame. Explosions happen all the time and seem to be creeping closer and closer. We’re told a war is on, but it’s hard to identify the enemy. Della, who narrates the reader […]