A Bedraggled Debut

In your very first game, there may be some frustration

When you find yourself trapped beneath the American flag by mistake.

Brandon, where do you turn for blessed relief

When your debut is 11-35 with four interceptions?

And though your defense provides four picks of its own for recovery,

The game slips away and our boys win Game 1 on the road.


We always expect to destroy Cleveland, even on the road;

But the contest proved an exchange of many frustrations.

Our defense was strong and muscled recovery

Only for the offense to give it right back with mistakes:

Big plays lost to big penalties, missed blocks, and oh, the interceptions!

There was little relief.


The line seemed unwilling to block and for Vick, there was no relief.

Still, back in Philly some cried for Foles and to send Vick down the road.

Maybe Cleveland is better than in years past, but four interceptions?

The only thing settling in was frustration;

Freshly paid Desean bitching at every mistake,

McCoy taking off only to skulk right back—holding again—another Cleveland recovery.


Battered early and playing in pain, brave Maclin made a fine recovery.

His touchdown catch before half time gave some relief;

Though we waited for its negation by another mistake,

The points stood and we seemed to be back on victory’s road.

But the second half held even worse frustrations;

Cleveland added a pick-6; Vick’s worst interception.


Were Vick and Weedon trying to throw these interceptions?

Handing each other gifts of mutual recovery?

How unfair to force on loyal fans these frustrations

And to break our hearts with false relief.

If I hadn’t already been home, I’d have hit the road,

But that would have been a mistake.


Even on a game-winning drive, Vick made a mistake.

He managed not to throw an interception

But as we limped toward victory down a rough road,

Our hearts sank, a learned reflex to a Vick fumble, but he made the recovery

And delivered to fans a dramatic relief:

A bullet to Harbor in the end zone that swept away the day’s frustrations.


Week 1 on the road will always have its frustrations,

But our Eagles this week left us with a sense of relief.

So many interceptions, so many mistakes, but improvement will come, inevitable recovery.

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