No One Cares About Your Fake Life

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Social Media may link you to friends you don’t have the energy or willingness to contact organically but it seems more a liability than helpful tool.

Consider for a moment your simultaneous hatred and obsession with your gym-going, foodie-adventurer, somebody-save-me, right-wing nut, baby exploiting friends. You complain, you lash out–but you cannot look away and what’s worse you may not realize that every single one of them has, is, or will be using your carefully presented life as fodder for the very same ridicule. That’s right, you are utterly exposed to the judgement of your friends and family. You are at the mercy of would-be employers who are itching for a reason to reduce their stack of resumes. Face it, everyone hates you.

But don’t worry. They don’t actually hate you, they just hate the lies you’ve cobbled together and tried to pass off as the fantasy version of yourself. You could even take one step forward into the wretched psychology that governs contemporary relationships and say that in hating you, they are really just exercising a self-hatred once reserved for problem-drinkers and artists.

There is a reason you either either love or hate Lady Gaga and Kanye West–they have perfected celebrity. They have embraced, refined and carefully curated their public personae in order to create a cultural phenomenon. Like them, we long to be both creator and object–each of us the God of our own universe that exists only by successfully convincing others to acknowledge it. When you miss, you fall hard.

We have all become the poet laureate of ourselves so you owe it to yourself to use restraint. After all, as so many have written, what you don’t paint is where the real masterpiece is found.

Don’t tweet that.

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