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Playlist: Music For The Dark Times

Pickle Trail Music It’s not that things have been that dark lately, I swear. As a matter of fact, I’ve been I particularly cheery mood. But in the auditory part of my brain, something was obviously leaking. Dark music doesn’t necessarily mean I’M dark. I’m not listening to music to continue feeling the same. Maybe […] 

The Nightmare Of Reality Lost: Upstream Color and Middle-Class Idealism Twisted

  What does it mean to make a movie that is a nightmare? David Lynch made one in 1977, Eraserhead, a film which on first viewing seems utterly without direction, narrative, or meaning but which draws you back again and again, seizing, with each successive viewing, on a different moment, a new feeling you can’t […] 


Pickle Trail Soundtrack 1. Bowery – Local Natives 2. Unpredictable – Wu Tang Clan From the totally underrated 8 Diagrams. RZA’s fetishizing of Ennio Morricone style film scores polarized both fans and the rest of the Wu, but I love it all the same. 3. The Wheel – Bill Callahan 4. Grounded – Pavement 5. Independence […] 

Love Lockdown

“Orange Is The New Black” is Netflix’s fifth, and best attempt at original programming, (“House of Cards,” and “Arrested Development” were reboots). The show exercises a restraint that Jenji Kohan’s “Weeds” often did not, flirting with kitsch without veering headlong down its awkward path. OITNB’s story lines are emotionally steeped, sympathetic and sentimental in the […]