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The Week In Consumption

The Playlist The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton – The Mountain Goats Fall of the Star High School Running Back – The Mountain Goats Fault Lines – The Mountain Goats Pink and Blue – The Mountain Goats Send It Up – Kanye West Another Satellite – XTC Love Sick – Bob Dylan 1Train […] 

Keep Me Set Apart

80’s Dylan 1. “I Believe In You” – Slow Train Coming (1979) Album version Live performance, Dylan’s only one ever on SNL (you’ll see why) The first time I heard “I Believe In You,” I was leaving town; it was only a weekend trip yet there was a distinct feeling that I was abandoning something. […] 

Fantasy Fulfillment Gone Awry

There can be no sight without sound, no beauty without brutality, no love without hate, no pleasure without pain. Such dichotomies comprise the framework of Michael Haneke’s, The Piano Teacher (2001), the story of Erika Kohut (Isabelle Huppert), a middle-aged pianist and instructor at an elite Viennese music conservatory who specializes in Schubert and Schumann. […]