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Wall Street’s Moral Downfall

Terrance Malick’s 1978 masterpiece, Days Of Heaven was famously shot in the “magic hour” between dusk and darkness. The tiniest things seemed most highlighted in the bewitching twilight; each individual seed at the end of a shock of wheat, streaks of grime across the faces of anonymous field hands and the subtlest expressions and movement […] 

Doors, Death and Betrayal

Thoughts on the first three episodes of Mad Men season 6 It takes a shoeshine kit to finally bring Roger Sterling to tears. This after his mother’s funeral which is punctuated by the presence of an ex-wife’s new husband, Don’s drunken vomiting and a big ask from his daughter—a loan for a business venture. The […] 

Win From Within

In a recent Gatorade commercialKevin Durant is taking the ball down the court against the Miami Heat. He penetrates the defense, drives hard in paint, goes up for the slam and is met mid-flight by Dwayne Wade; just as Durantula is about to jam it home, Wade reaches up and blocks it. Cut to Durant, […]