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Ode To #36

O, Brown and Payton, Smith and Sanders, Jurgenson, White and great Van Buren: Inside our stately coliseums, The trumpets sound for you. From the triumvirate of a three headed monster, A local boy from fair Villanova. Forty-one records he set for his school, But to the third round he dropped; it was only D-2. In […] 

Dancin’ Gene And The Drill

On Gene Kelly’s 100th birthday, I found myself seated in the dentist’s chair, overwhelmed by that robust anxiety that cannot be ignored, suppressed or rationalized— it is that feeling beyond fear and apprehension: the anticipation, the expectation of pain. Sure, this is the twenty-first century and dental technology has come so far as to make […] 

The Night Matt Damon Saved Me From The End Of The World

If you’re ever on the run, Matt Damon is probably on the short list of individuals you’d want with you. Lately my dreams have been frequent and vivid, so I considered myself lucky when the other night Damon and I, along with two women were trying to escape the end of the world. The […] 

Tooth Decay and “Purple Rose of Cairo”

         Inside the old theater, austere and immense, a haze of tobacco creates an aura of the surreal. Mia Farrow fidgets in her seat, along with the other patrons, waiting for the picture to begin as if it is the only thing that matters in the world. Already, they are completely engrossed by what they […] 


It can be difficult feeding a snake. Especially when the scent of a rodent lingers on your fingertips. Serpents don’t know your finger isn’t a mouse.